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At our core, Client-Centered Consulting's mission is to help small businesses overcome barriers to success. Whether it's assisting with the formation of your business or putting in place strategies to retain high-valued customers, let Client-Centered Consulting help you to construct and execute a plan guaranteed to elevate and expand your business. 

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About  E'Tiana

With an academic background in Business Administration and too much downtime during a global pandemic, on January 8, 2020, I launched Client-Centered Consulting to help others launch their dream business or start a side hustle.

As a Rochester, NY native, I have always had a deep commitment to my community. Client-Centered Consulting was also created to change the stigma around black businesses in my town, as I was too often hearing individuals voice their disdain for Black-Owned Businesses.

My work has not stopped in my former hometown. Because of the new virtual environment, I can help individuals from anywhere who have internet, phone, or computer access. If you have a business idea that you have been kicking around and aren't sure how to get started, click the button below to shoot us a quick message. 

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